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OAuth does not return token

To use OAuth, you need to create an app and obtain the key and secret for that app as these are used to produce the authorisation string. The authorisation string is the base64-encoded version of the app's client ID, ':' and password. 64 bit encoding tools are freely available on the internet. When calling the OAuth API, prefix this string with 'Basic ' (separated by a space).


Sandbox API does not give expected response

For each API that is supported in the sandbox, we provide a table of codes to trigger the response alongside the expected responses. Typically this means changing the last few characters of either the tracking header or the MSISDN that is used to call the API. You cannot use live data such as your own mobile number with the sandbox.


I can’t see my product when building an app

When you view your app, all of the products that you've used to create your app are listed. You can add another product to that app by using the edit button.


I’m getting an unexpected error code

All of the errors that the API creates are listed in the relevant API documentation. If you encounter an error code that's not documented, please contact the support team.