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Road Network

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Provides strategic insight into and around major road networks


This API is focused on providing understanding for strategic insight into and around Major Road Networks (MRN).  A current governmental policy objective is identifying improvements and enhancements to infrastructure to enable improved connectivity between prime capabilities. Joining  people, the supply chain (through freight movements) and businesses together is key to this improved connectivity and MRN play a key role in this. 

Mobile phone data can be used to gather significant road usage knowledge to inform future investment priorities and requirements to attract investment.

Key Features

This API provides data on: 

  • User volumes- Number of identified users for each path at all times.
  • Travel times and average speeds - Travel time of vehicles along a path, and their corresponding average speeds. Additionally, the standard deviation is provided to give a measure of the variation.
  • Delay - A percentage difference of journey time against the yearly average for each path and time window, e.g. Mondays at 9am.
  • Regular user - Average number of days identified users travelled on the given path over the most recent 14-day period on a rolling basis.
  • Trip length - Average trip distance of identified users. This is the distance covered on Transport for North's MRN.
  • Origin/Destination -Percentage of identified users that began/ended their trip in each zone. This is provided for three zoning layers: region, postcode area & postcode district. Percentages are additionally split by whether the zone matches users’ home location or not


  • This data removes the need for additional infrastructure or road surveys, therefore reducing costs and increasing safety.
  • Enables a large geographic area such as road networks to be continuously monitored with large sample sizes, as well as providing the crucial origin and destination information of road users.

How does it work?

  • The API will return a signed URL with a time expiry of 15 seconds. This then returns the CSV file with the data.  
  • Sandbox and production access is approved by your account manager on a case by case basis. 

To find out more, please visit the Active Intelligence homepage here.

Alternatively, please contact your Account Manager or the Active Intelligence support team at

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Road Network API

Active Intelligence

Returns a signed URL used to access a CSV file containing road network data.

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