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Premium SMS

  • Charging and Crediting

A fast, simple and secure way to make a one-off, or recurring payments via text


No need for a wallet or payment card details, a simple, secure and convenient way to pay. Equally suited to one-off impulse purchases, such as parking, to recurring charges, such as a recurring charity donation.

Our third-party payment APIs enable 160 million transactions a year across over 3,000 services. We only work with trusted payment intermediaries that meet our strict security and end user standards and follow the Phone-paid Services Authority’s (PSA) industry-wide Code of Practice.

Key features

  • Simple and secure way for consumers to pay or interact with brands
  • No end user set up required to enable Premium SMS
  • Call to action uses 5-digit short codes text numbers
  • Works from any EE or BT mobile phone
  • Costs are clearly shown on end user bills
  • Refunds can be given through the crediting API


  • It’s a low-friction, secure transaction – no need for setting up an account, entering credit card details
  • It is handy for ‘on the go’ payments such as parking
  • Proven payment method with the biggest companies in the UK utilising it
  • Allows a broad range of services including competitions, games, charity, ticketing services

How does it work?

How does it work?
  • A merchant contracts with one of the BT trusted payment intermediaries and orders a dedicated short code
  • The merchant advertises the shortcode along with pricing information
  • The end user dials the shortcode and the charge is added to their EE bill
  • A text message receipt is sent to the end user confirming the charge
  • When the end user’s EE bill arrives at the end of the month, the charge is clearly listed under 'Services from other companies'.

Ideal for:

  • Charity donations
  • Transport tickets or parking
  • Broadcast competitions

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For more information on how our Premium SMS product can help solve problems and generate revenue for your business, please contact us.

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