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Number Recycle

  • Digital Identity

Facilitating checks to determine if a phone number has recently been recycled


Number Recycle allows you to determine if a MSISDN has been recycled, and if so the date/time stamps that the MSISDN was last deactivated. A deactivated MSISDN will go through a recycle process to be cleansed from EE systems and will ultimately be re-allocated to a new End User. This process cannot be reversed. Since End Users often don’t update or delete their account profiles and mobile numbers with businesses, they may have no knowledge that the MSISDN has been reallocated to a new End User.

Key features

  • Using the customers MSISDN, a business can have an indication if a MSISDN has been recycled recently
  • Prevent sending SMS messages to the wrong person if ownership has changed
  • Identify if a phone number has been deactivated


  • Helps to ensure that a company is contacting the correct person
  • Prevents issues relating to sending SMS being sent to incorrect MSISDNs, resulting in cost and time savings.
  • Speeds up and simplifies registration journeys where MSISDNs are identified as previously belonging to other users.  

How does it work?

How does it work?

Ideal for:

  • Facilitating new customer on-boarding where the number has previously been assigned to another customer in business databases
  • Ensuring that 2FA (two factor authentication) via SMS reaches the intended recipient and ensures that they can access accounts and transact as expected by finding alternative methods to authenticate.  
  • Preventing business from sending SMS messages to the wrong End Users

APIs Included

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