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Network Identity

  • Digital Identity

Confirm if a customer is part of the EE or BT Mobile networks, or one of the EE MVNOs.


The Network Identity API can determine if an End User is part of the EE or BT Mobile networks, or if they are with one of our Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) partners.

Key features

  • Check if a customer’s phone number is on the EE or BT Mobile network.
  • Identify if a customer is on one of EE’s MVNO networks – note that we do not reveal which network.
  • Privacy by design – the response parameter is the anonymised mobile subscription reference (AMSR). This reduces the information that we are sending.


  • Ability to determine which network to send API lookup traffic to, for example a carrier billing charge.
  • Using the Network Identity API ensures accurate information on network from the source.  

How does it work?

How does it work?

Ideal for:

  • Carrier billing charging and crediting transactions to identify the network.
  • Digital Identity transactions that enable partners to protect customers from fraudulent activity.

APIs Included


Network identity

Identity and Authentication
Digital Identity
Charging and Crediting

This API product retrieves the mobile brand of a subscriber, to determine whether they are registered with EE, BT or with a mobile virtual network operator partner (MVNO).

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