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Location Analytics

  • Location data

Access insights on footfall activity across any location in UK

The Location Insights API provides reports on visits, home catchment and repeat visits for standard geographies and sites in UK.

Key features

This API provides datasets on:

  • Footfall Visits - Daily counts of footfall visits and average dwell time across a set of standard geographical boundaries (MSOA, LSOA, and Hex Grids) in UK to support analysis of activity around sites. Datasets breakdown footfall counts by visitors and workers, and also distinguish between day time and night time visits. Reports are updated every two weeks.
  • Home Catchment - Monthly counts of visits to select sites across the UK, broken down by the home location of visitors. These datasets help profile where users come from and for why. Breakdown of footfall counts are available by workers and visitors, between day time and night time visits, and demographic segments. Reports are updated once a month.
  • Repeat Visits – Daily counts of repeat visits to select sites in the UK, broken down by the number of visits per week (e.g., how many people visit once a week, twice a week, thrice a week, etc.). The datasets include a breakdown of visits by day time and night time, and provide insight into the loyalty of visitors.

In compliance with GDPR, to protect the privacy of our customers and to prevent any identification of individuals, data is aggregate on the volume of population for a given segment. Any volume relating to users under 18 is removed, volume below 10 is marked at “IDE” (Insufficient Data Events) and all volumes are rounded to the nearest 5/10.


  • Analyze how consumers are interacting with your locations by reviewing footfall trends in response to events or campaigns.

  • Review how activity across locations are changing over time by comparing trends against historical data.

  • Sort data by demographic group, catchment and repeat visits to highlight your target audience.

How does it work?

The API will return a signed URL with a time expiry of 15 seconds.

Sandbox access is public for all registered members.

Production access is approved by your account manager on a case by case basis.

To find out more, please visit the Active Intelligence homepage here.

Alternatively, please contact your Account Manager or the Active Intelligence support team at

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