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Know Your Customer

  • Digital Identity

Validating and authenticating your customer’s identity


Whether it’s for shopping, travel or banking, customers are increasingly using their devices to get things done online. Many of these involve an initial account setup, which can be time consuming – and in the past, it’s been possible to set up accounts fraudulently using other people’s details.

Key features

  • Check a customer’s identity quickly and securely during account registration or onboarding.
  • Get fast verification of a customer’s details when they’re buying products or services.


  • Increase business confidence that a customer’s identity is genuine.
  • Reduces costs with fewer fraudulent accounts being set up.
  • Speeds up account creation, as checks are carried out quickly and without customer intervention.
  • Requests sent to BT in real-time to a live database.

How does it work?

How does it work?

Ideal for:

  • Authenticating a customer’s identity:
    • A customer is shopping online and puts an item in their basket.
    • As a new customer, they need to register their details for the first time when paying.
    • The API performs a KYC check to compare the details given against the BT database.
    • The account will be created with a match of information, with the risk of fraud is minimised. If the details don’t match, further identity checks may be required.

APIs Included


Know Your Customer

Identity and Authentication
Digital Identity

Know Your Customer (KYC) match offers a mechanism through which a service provider can submit end user (customer) information to validate such as name, address, mobile telephone number to a mobile network operator for...

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