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Inbound Contact Global Traffic Controller

  • Call routing

Apply changes in real-time to your Inbound Contact Global service

Inbound Contact Global Call Traffic Controller API creates an entirely new method to manage, rebalance and reroute call traffic in real time. Choose from a range of access numbers, egress methods and routing logic.

The Controller API is the natural companion to the existing Call Traffic Controller system serving Inbound Contact Global and can operate side by side giving access to cost-efficient, high quality call delivery around the world leveraging BT's global reach.

Key Features

  • Ability to submit Call Traffic Controller commands via an API instead of manually logging into the web portal
  • Fetch Real-Time inventory of provisioned Access Numbers, Destinations and Routing Plans
  • Activate Alternative Routing Plans and Planned or Disaster Recovery Scenarios
  • Rebalance traffic between multiple destinations in response to live conditions
  • Reroute traffic to alternative destinations
  • Add and update inventory of available destinations


  • Respond in real-time to changing contact center conditions without having to manually log onto Web Portal.
  • By using the same logic and inventories, the API is the perfect complement to Call Traffic Controller.
  • Commands submitted by the API can be viewed and audited in Call Traffic Controller.

Ideal For

  • Call Center and Telco Managers
    • Optimize routing and respond in real-time to changing conditions
    • Manage multiple carriers’ routing using home-grown tools
    • Remote access to applications via customer App
      • On-Call Engineers and Agents
      • Home Workers
  • Asset Managers
    • Real-time access to
      • Access Numbers
      • Routing logic
      • Destination Numbers

Included APIs

Get Started

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