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Global Voice Services

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Initiate ordering of phone numbers for Global Voice Services


Global Voice for CPaaS  is the service dedicated to CPaaS and Telco partners who need to make available voice capability through their platform and managing all the end to end journey through a digital experience.


The service provide provides Voice Call Service for Public and Private Telephony

The service is suitable to replace the existing PSTN service of the Reseller’s customers.

List of capabilities:

  • Gets new numbers from BT or ask for number ported to BT,
  • National Outbound Calling to the Public Telephony Network of the country where their customers respective location is situated.
  • These are calls to destinations  in the Fixed and Mobile Networks and to Inbound Service Numbers, as well as to domestic Short Code Services incl. Emergency Services
  • Inbound Calling to the public phone numbers for your locations (Direct Dial-In) from any national or international public network origin.
  • International Outbound Calling to Fixed and Mobile Networks as well as to Inbound Services of the desired country (as far as dial able from abroad), satellite networks and generic international services.

Key Features

  • Order a new number(s)
  • Port in number(s) from another supplier
  • Transfer of related numbering documents
  • Get order status updates / notification


  • Deliver a digital order experience for you and your end customer.

  • Reduced time to order.

  • Reduced order management costs.

  • Reduced manual order entry errors.


How does it work ?

GSIP How to

Ideal for

Global Voice Ordering APIs enables resellers to process numbering requests directly from their front-end customers.

APIs Included


Global Voice Services

Global Voice

BT one voice customer facing API specs and documentation.

Product Documentation

Get Started

To request access to this API or receive additional information about BT Inbound Contact Global, contact 

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