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Place, modify and cease orders for Ethernet products 


BT Wholesale Ethernet (WE) is a national layer 2 Ethernet service*, targeting UK communication providers and It’s available across a number of bandwidth options from 0.2Mbps to 10Gbps.

As we evolve in a post-pandemic world, we are always looking for ways to make it easier for you do business with us.  This set of APIs, based on TMF standards, will give you the following functionality: order fulfilment, order tracking and request repair and diagnostics for all Ethernet products below:

  • Etherway Fibre (EAD) (LIVE)
  • Etherflow Connected (LIVE)
  • Etherflow Internet (not yet live)
  • Etherway Superfast GEA (SOGEA & FTTP) (not yet live)

For a full view of all APIs and functionality – you can view this here.

Key Features

  • Pre-qualifications/requisites prior order placement –
    • Product Qualification with respect to service availability at the specified post code
    • Pre-booking Openreach engineer’s appointments prior ordering GEA product variant (FTTP/SOGEA) requiring ONT fitment
  • Validate orders via address management and product qualification API
  • Place, modify or cease  orders for Ethernet products
  • Track orders based on open actions, order ID, milestones and other filters.


  • Deliver a truly digital order experience for you and your end customer.
  • Reduced order management costs and manual order entry errors
  • Reduced time to order/raise diagnostics & fault tickets
  • Enabling order/repair/diagnose  functionality without logging into the portal as well as full visibility into each lifecycle respectively
  • Near real time order tracking enabled for Ethernet products

How does it work

The following timelines show which functionality is supported via Ethernet APIs by which dates:

Available: Pre-order checks including availability + Place, modify and cease an order for a Etherway Fibre, Etherflow Connected product, ETH Network (provide only) + Order tracker.

Jan 2022: Place, modify and cease an order for a Etherflow Internet, Etherway Superfast GEA (SOGEA & FTTP).

Feb 2022: Pricing/Quoting for all Ethernet & DIA products.

Summer 2022: Repair & diagnostic functionality for products.

As part of customer onboarding we will require the following to configure the API against your client ID:

Company DUNS Number (From Duns & Brad Street).

BTW portal login ID.

An end point URL to which notification messages to be triggered. 

Need more information:

New to Ethernet and want to find out more about the product in general, then click here or view or new interactive guide.  Existing customers who want to review some of our documentation should click here to access product literature from the Document Centre.

The product handbook can be found here.

APIs Included

BT Wholesale

Address Management (Ethernet)


Set an address using a UK postcode, or manually create a temporary one, before placing an order.

Product Documentation
BT Wholesale

Appointment Management (Ethernet)


Users can query for appointment slots based on particular date and book engineer appointment. This is only for standard appointments of Etherway Superfast GEA product.

Product Documentation
BT Wholesale

Product Order (Ethernet)


Place, modify and track Ethernet orders across Etherway Fibre (EAD), Etherflow Connected, Etherflow Internet and Etherway Superfast GEA (SOGEA & FTTP).

Product Documentation
BT Wholesale

Order Notification Import Orders (Ethernet)


Automated notifications on progress of orders placed via the Import Order APIs will be sent directly to the provided URL ('callback URL') provided at onboarding.

Product Documentation
BT Wholesale

Product Qualification (Ethernet)


Provides a standardized mechanism for placing a qualification request, to check offer eligibility with all of the necessary parameters.

Product Documentation