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  • Charging and Crediting

Crediting provides an innovative loyalty or reward scheme by allowing credits to be paid to EE mobile phone accounts.


This API lets you pay a credit directly onto the end user’s bill. Loyalty schemes can use it to reward end users for making purchases with affiliated brands; retailers and restaurants are among early adopters of this technology. This exciting new product can also help resolve end user service issues. When things go wrong, brands might want to make a goodwill gesture to end users in the form of a payment. Credit to Bill allows any end user with a mobile phone to receive a credit in a fast, safe and trusted way.

Key features

  • No end user set up required to enable Crediting
  • Credits can be added to either PAYM or PAYG accounts
  • Receipts available by SMS
  • Credit descriptions and amount appear on the mobile bill


  • It’s a clever method for rewarding end user loyalty
  • It’s a simple way of handling complaint management by offering a goodwill gesture
  • It’s an innovative system for delivering promotional benefits

How does it work?

How does it work?

An API call confirms the end user is with EE and eligible to receive a credit.  You can set up the service to let end users request the credit be added to their account - perhaps if they need to reach a certain number of points or spend level - using their own website or app. Alternatively, you can apply the credit to the end user’s account automatically via the API. The end user can choose to be sent receipts by SMS.  

Ideal for:

  • Loyalty/reward schemes
  • End user Care, goodwill gesture
  • Promotions

APIs Included

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