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Broadband One

  • Data services

Place orders for Broadband One from your systems to The Hub.

Broadband One is managed internet access meeting your customers’ increasing bandwidth demands, with ultra-fast speeds of up to 1Gbps and access technologies including FTTP and SOGEA.

Integrating order and service management with your business applications reduces cost to serve, and increases customer satisfaction.



OAuth 2

Identity and Authentication

OAuth 2 produces an access token which is required to authorise API calls for a given app.

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BT Wholesale

Address Management


Search the Rest of BT (RoBT) and Openreach address databases to find address records and keys to be used in orders. Where no suitable matching address is found, create an address and obtain a temporary address key.

Product Documentation
BT Wholesale

Product And Network Availability


Determine the services available at customer's location and the status of the existing installed services.

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BT Wholesale

Appointment Management


List available engineering appointments and reserve an engineering visit.

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BT Wholesale

Order Management And Progress Updates


Submit, amend or cancel an order, and receive notifications about the order status. This API is based on TMF622.

Product Documentation

Ordering Broadband One

This diagram shows a Broadband One order. View a larger version by clicking it.

API Order Journey


How it works

The following process, and diagram above, describe a Broadband One Provide order (new customer).

  • Query the GET Address records endpoint to identify Openreach and BT (ROBT) Network Address Database (NAD) keys for the end user's premises. A 'Gold' Openreach NAD key is essential; if a matching ROBT NAD key cannot be found, it can be generated using POST Create address record
  • Identify Broadband One access technologies and speeds (POST Product availability). Where fibre is available, the response payload also shows FTTP infrastructure. If copper broadband is required, a line check is requested (GET Line availability) to see if supporting infrastructure is available
  • Request and reserve an engineering appointment (POST Appointment availability and POST Create appointment) if a Managed Install is required (such as FTTP with a new ONT, or copper broadband is required and a compatible line is unavailable)
  • Create the order (POST Product order), and receive progress updates (KSUs).


We've created tutorials for all Broadband One order types - including Modify (upgrading your Broadband One customers).

Choose an API above to explore technical documentation and tutorials.

Getting started

  1. Register for API access (you must be a BT Wholesale customer)
  2. Log in - and click Dashboard to create an app
  3. Explore the reference documentation
  4. Try out the code using our Broadband One Postman Collection.

Benefits and features

  • Deliver a truly digital order experience for you and your end customer
  • Reduced order management costs and manual order entry errors
  • Reduced time to order
  • Place and manage orders faster
  • Place and manage orders programmatically, saving time and money
  • Validate customers' address details and match to a single unique address key or create a new temporary key to facilitate delivery of service to the correct customer location
  • Check availability of appointment slots based on particular dates and book an engineer appointment
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