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Age Eligibility

  • Digital Identity

Make transactions smoother and safer with Age Eligibility


As online shopping and contactless service and payments grow in popularity, it’s becoming more important to be able to check a customer’s age remotely. Our Age Eligibility API can help identify customers who are eligible to benefit from a priority service when making online purchases. You can also use it to protect under-age users from buying products or services that have age restrictions. Age Eligibility checks whether a customer is eligible for age-restricted products and services, by comparing a request with their age details held on our database.

Key features

  • Confirm that a customer’s age enables them to get priority service, such as a home shopping delivery slot for over-65s.
  • Make sure a website visitor is old enough to access age-restricted services and content online or verify that a user making an e-commerce purchase is over 18 years of age.


  • Allows customers to access products and services they are entitled to.
  • Cuts the risk of under-age access to purchases and services.
  • Carries out eligibility checks seamlessly, without customer intervention, making their online journey easier

How does it work?

How does it work?

Ideal for:

  • Checking a customer is over a specific age
  • Minimising contact with the End User
  • Adhering to regulation and legislation
  • Providing an enhanced customer experience

APIs Included


Age Eligibility

Identity and Authentication
Digital Identity

This product offers a mechanism for a service provider to request information related to a user’s mobile phone account which can be used for spotting potentially fraudulent behaviour.

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