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Stand Up To Cancer

Charity Stand Up to Cancer wanted to see increased donations during its live telethons, and realised that Charge to Bill offered an alternative quick and easy way for the public to donate, and one that is potentially accessible to everybody.

Working with our payment integration partner Fonix, we gave Stand Up to Cancer a seamless way for the public to donate by SMS, removing the need for them to enter lengthy payment details. 


In 2019, 81% of donations to Stand Up To Cancer were SMS donations. This is a huge income generator for the campaign, and it’s a channel that supporters are now familiar with and trust. It’s important to us that we use the most reliable, robust and user-friendly mechanic possible to cater to this demand. EE’s continued support and development in their PSMS and Charge to Bill platforms contributes greatly to this success. We look forward to continuing our partnership as we enter another live telethon year.

Ana Maria Flores, Senior Programme Manager, Stand Up To Cancer 

Stand Up To Cancer

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