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Airtime Rewards

Airtime Rewards offers a unique loyalty programme that gives customers money off their mobile phone bill, simply for shopping with their favourite brands. It’s a card-linked rewards scheme that covers both online and offline transactions.

Airtime Rewards are disrupting retail loyalty and on a mission to change the way retailers incentivise their customers. Tangible and visible, the offer of 'money off your mobile bill' has an emotive power that they wanted to tap into. A new mobile currency for the connected generation. So we worked with the company to integrate its programme into our back-end billing architecture, bringing it’s programme to our full customer base.

Using our Credit to Bill API, Airtime Rewards was easily able to connect to EE’s Partner Marketplace. This allows our EE customers to redeem their Airtime Rewards and have them seamlessly credited to their mobile bill. We also worked with the company to develop a go-to-market proposition execution to drive awareness of the concept to our 30 million customers.

There’s been a significant incremental increase in customers for Airtime Rewards during the first year since launch. Our customers love the simplicity of the partnership, and get money off their phone bill by spending with more than 80 major UK retailers. Customer satisfaction among those who have taken part is significantly higher now, too. We’re now actively planning routes to expand the partnership into other segments of the market.


Airtime Rewards