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Wholesale Hosted Communications Express (WHCE)

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Place orders for Wholesale Hosted Communications Express from your systems to BT Wholesale HubCo.

Wholesale Hosted Communications (WHC) Express, channel partners can now offer a new digital phone line for their small business customers that will deliver digital calls over a broadband network and will replace the analogue phone services which will be retired by 2025.

Designed for businesses with 1 – 10 employees, WHC Express provides the ultimate flexibility for users to make and receive calls on the same number - across their fixed and mobile devices - with the same call features across them all, such as voicemail, call divert, call transfer and call hold.

The WHC Express APIs provide an alternative ordering option that enables you to fulfil new orders directly to BT’s systems giving you a more powerful and flexible way to connect your own applications to BT.

Key Features

Ability to:

  • Place orders via an API instead of manually typing and clicking through webpages on the HubCo Portal.
  • Check a number can be ported.
  • Validate customer’s address details and match to a single unique address key or create a new temporary key to facilitate delivery of service to the correct customer location
  • Check and validate key data and company data before placing an order for WHC Express.
  • Check availability of appointment slots based on particular dates and book an engineer appointment.
  • Order and allocate new numbers, to a WHC Express users.


  • Test out our API’s in a safe sandbox environment using our stubbed APIs
  • Deliver a truly digital order experience for you and your end customer
  • Reduced order management costs and manual order entry errors
  • Reduced time to order
  • Enabling order functionality without logging into the portal

Contact us

New to Wholesale Hosted Communication Express and want to find out more about the product in general, then click here.  Existing customers who want to review some of our documentation should click here to access product literature from the Document Centre.

APIs Included

BT Wholesale

BT Wholesale HubCo WHCE


Place orders for Wholesale Hosted Communications Express from your systems to BT Wholesale HubCo.

Product Documentation
BT Wholesale

Number portability check


Check whether a particular number range (for WHC Express you can only port a particular number not number range) can be ported based on portState value in response.

  • Enter a number to verify if this is capable of being...
Product Documentation
BT Wholesale

Verify data


Validate the service provider information and the data they are using, in order to prevent potential duplicate order failures.

  • Used to retrieve the following key data for a Reseller: sales tag, reseller id, xxxx. -...
Product Documentation